The Bounce Around Kid (Day 4)

“By the power of Grayskull, I am She-Ra. I have the power!”

-Adora, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

My mother tells me when I was little I was hard to pin down. I’d come to her lap for a quick snuggle than zoom off to discover something cool. I’d always come back, but not for long. There was a whole world waiting for me to explore.

In middle school, I bounced around from activity to activity. I participated in everything from drama to softball. The same was true in high school. My friend group consisted of the captain of the varsity boy’s soccer team, the president of the debate club, and everyone in between. I made friends easily and bounced from group to group, never settling in one place for long, but always touching base to remain connected. Spider-like I wove an intricate web connecting people and places and ideas. A web that, to this day, catches me if I fall.

It’s a superpower I have; maintaining close ties while forging new paths.  I move around a lot: Colorado to California. California to India. India to Japan. Japan to Colorado. In each home and work place, I’ve managed to spin new threads of friendship finding people who inspire me to be a better teacher, a better person, and a better friend. I thrive on the newness of a place or a situation, but know the value of coming back home to ground myself in the comfort of familiarity.

Thirty-seven years later, I still find my way back to my mother’s lap. We FaceTime, and have a family WhatsApp group that keeps us connected between visits home. I am thankful of forums like Facebook, Line, Instagram, and Snapchat help me spin digital threads to connect those I love who are far away. It’s comforting to know that no matter how far my reach extends, the web I weave is stronger than ever.

Wow I’m really going for this spider metaphor. Maybe it’s because it’s October.

Anyway, I gotta bounce.  Right now, there’s a whole new world waiting for me to explore. I’ll come back soon and show you what I found.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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