End of the World

“No regrets. Compromise. Sun will set. Sun will rise. And we will sing like it’s the end of the world. Raise our voices so they’ll finally be heard. Try to write us off, it just started to kick in and we’ll never buy the life you’re selling.”

-Kevin Johnston, The Bright Silence

Shed Some Light

My brother, Kevin, embarked on an incredible journey of self-discovery last March. He quit his job in Brooklyn, packed a backpack full of his CD’s grabbed his guitar and boarded a flight to Germany to play music. It was his first solo tour, and his first time traveling alone in Europe. I was able to join him on his trip for one incredible week. The time went by so quickly and when it was time to part, I was not the least bit interested in returning to India. An older sister to my core, I wanted nothing more than to be there to support my little bro. After all, I was the only person in the audience who knew his music by heart. How could he possibly survive without me?


Cut to a year later. His first tour turned into a second tour in the fall, and another this coming March. The players are the same, but the play is so much different. Last March, I left him not knowing what his future held, and this March I know. I know that his will, his creativity, and his resourcefulness will lead him in the direction he is meant to go. It’s scary to leave the known and embark into the unfamiliar but this time, he’s got a will to succeed he’s not had before. His drive to make it is stronger than ever. It’s heartwarming to know he can not only survive without me, he can thrive on his own. Best gift a sister can ask for.

So, in the immortal words of Kevin Johnston, “Things are working out different than you thought, now you realize.”

Go forth and conquer little brother. Your family is incredibly proud of you.


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