American Songbirds

Something happened to me last night; I managed to transform from a rational human being into a babbling idiot.  I met two of my favorite singers: Misty Boyce and Sara Bareilles. In fact, I was so excited to chat with them that I’m pretty sure I word-vommitted all over their backstage lounge. Sigh. Anyway, I strongly urge you to listen to Misty sing in the video I included. She is amazing, but the end of the video is conclusive proof that I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to famous people. In my defense, I can’t help it. I get so excited and proud of these artists as they open their hearts to us. We are beyond privileged to be the listeners of their stories. So keep singing, and writing, and composing no matter how nerdy your fans are because you are inspiring Misty Boyce and Sara Bareilles. Thank you.


IMG_2967   IMG_3071 IMG_3075 

3 thoughts on “American Songbirds

    1. David, I’d love to have my video used on her site. I was attempting to send it to her via email, but the file is too large. I have a few more pics of Misty at the show. Didn’t have my long lens so they are “artistically” grainy if that’s ok. I’ll try to send the vid again. It’s also on Youtube

  1. Thank you. We’ll add to the website and yes, any pics you’d like to send would be greatly appreciated. And I thought I saw a pic of you and Misty posted (somewhere 😉 If I can find it again, we also have a section called Me and Misty with pics of her an fans. Thank you again!

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