Feeling Blue

I’ve never been a lover of sapphires. Their deep blue color was nice, but not so appealing to me. Having an April birthday, I prefer the clean, crisp diamond to colored gemstones.  But, one look at the azure sea of sapphire toned homes in the Indian city of Jodhpur instantly changed my opinion on the shade.

This most beautiful tangle of royal blue, turquoise, indigo, and slate homes weaves it’s way through the muddled terra-cotta streets leading to the gem in Jodhpur’s crown: Mehrangarh Fort. Deep red, gold, and amber in color it’s stark contrast to the royal blue beneath it only enhances the beauty of the city. 

My parents and I had the pleasure of strolling through the alleyways one afternoon clicking photo after photo. Beautiful blue after dazzling purple, rows and rows of azure abodes, we were mesmerized by the simplicity of these monochrome streets. However, what struck us most was not the richness of color but the strong sense of community woven together as tightly as the intertwining rows of buildings.

Women, men, children, animals clumped together like rubies in a crown, basking in shadow and protection of the ancient fort. Worshipping, having tea, chasing chickens, playing cards or gossiping about the strange tourists asking permission to take their photos. We were welcomed, embraced, shown personal artifacts, and told stories of how magical their blue city is.

Our time spent in the silver chain of sapphires was only an hour, but it was the most significant and astounding part of the city. What lies amongst the ocean of aqua is a deep sense of serenity, contentment, and pride to be part of the diamond that is Jodhpur.

Royal Blue
Royal Blue


Rubies in Jodhpur
Rubies in Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort

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