Home Sweet Home

Day 1 of Year 3 in Bombay starts today and I am so happy to be home. Here’s a rundown of the last 24 hours:

-Upgrade to business class (thanks BA).

-Duty free purchased.

-Chatted with two young, enthusiastic Indians while waiting for luggage.

-All luggage arrived, intact.

-Greeted at the airport with smiles and hugs by Lawrence, Ganesh, and Darshan.

-Pleasant ride home and chat with Darshan.

-Monsoon smell reminding me what I love about Bombay rains.

-Clean home (albeit stuffy and musty) and mostly mold free.

-Clean sheets on my amazing bed.

-Kukkibali candles waiting to be burned.

-Internet works (kind of).

-Phone works (kind of).

-Elco delivered two delicious cheese dosas within minutes of my call.

-Pintrest ideas ready to be completed.

-Brand-new Clorax wipes waiting to be used.

-New movie to watch while sipping tea.

It’s good to be home.




One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Andrea, So glad you arrived safely. It was wonderful to see you. Best of luck for this school year.

    Stay healthy. Shirley

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