Song of the Cicadas

Imagine yourself lounging in the backyard white wine in hand, enjoying the smells of late-July flowers, the gentle buzzing of the honeybees busily collecting pollen, dove pairs cooing, trickling water from the water feature, ahhhh…. peace. Imagine yourself not thinking about anything when all of the sudden you hear them. A unison chorus of clicking and humming wafting gently down from the nearby cottonwood tree signaling that this, your quiet solitude, will shortly be interrupted with thoughts about pencils, lessons, curriculum meetings, and kids.

The song of the cicadas in mid-July means only one thing to a teacher: school starts in 3 weeks. While every teacher I know loves the excitement of the first few weeks of school, (designing lessons, getting to know new kids, etc.) we also mourn the end of carefree summer days when it’s perfectly acceptable to have a gin & tonic at 2:30 in the afternoon.

I heard the song of the cicadas today. While I am sad to leave my home and family, I’m equally excited to get back to Mumbai and start my third year in India. My emotions waver like the ebbs and flows of the cicada song. A song that signals a change of season, a clean slate, and a chance to begin again.

Backyard paradise
Backyard paradise

For more fun facts about cicadas or the American School of Bombay follow these links:

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