Paper Mountains

My mom and I made a recent trip to the local book shop. Wait, shop is too weak a word; book warehouse is more accurate. We were buried in words millions and millions of them. I love book shops. The smell of new books signify new places to go, new people to meet, new ideas to try. So many possibilities, so little time.

Anyway, we were nestled in our corner piled high with everything from vegetarian recipe books to travel books to Beatles photograph books, when I came across a book my mom had picked up. It’s a small book on how to clear your clutter. What I thought was a simple book on how to downsize your stuff, turned into a keyhole of possibility to clear all the stuff that bogs you down: mental, physical, spiritual clutter, etc.

We immediately purchased this little treasure, brought it home and started organizing our lives. My Mom is busy clearing physical clutter and I am busy clearing emotional clutter. It’s amazing what you can see when you climb through paper mountains. Incredible vistas of opportunity you never knew existed suddenly become clear. The summit is in sight! I think I hear a John Denver song playing somewhere in the distance.

Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble

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