A Little Kiss Makes a Big Difference

I was in an airport last night, my 7th of the summer, waiting to board my flight to Denver. Originally scheduled to depart at 19:20 hrs., my flight had been delayed 20 minutes due to heavy airport traffic because of weather. Ok. No biggie. I had a chocolate chip cookie and book three of the Hunger Games series to keep me occupied.

An hour later, settling comfortably into chapter 6, the Jet Blue counter lady announced that the aircraft we will be using to fly to Denver has not yet arrived and to please be patient as it will be another 30 minutes before we board. Cue expected grumbles from disgruntled passengers.

Shortly after completing chapter 9, Jet Blue Counter Lady announces that the aircraft has arrived and is being towed to Gate 5, but our crew is still in the air from Vermont and is not expected for another 20 minutes. And, upon arrival, they will need at least 30 additional minutes to prep the aircraft for departure. This means, at the earliest, we can begin boarding around 9:30. It’s 8:40. Cue expected grumbles. Then bitching, then complaining, then general unrest as passengers loudly share their complaints with Jet Blue Counter Lady.

Sensing tension, I head directly to the chocolate counter. I quickly survey the merch and settle on a large bag of Hershey’s Kisses. It’s my experience that when people are upset about things they cannot control, chocolate helps. My first stop is Jet Blue Counter Lady. Expecting that I was approaching her to complain, you can imagine the surprise on her face when I said, “You look like you could use some chocolate.” She replied with a soft smile and kindly declined the offer.

My next stop was the children, who eagerly accepted the gift. Then onto the disgruntled New Yorkers, the loudest complainers, who accepted the kiss with a combination of surprise and gratitude. I made my way through the crowd offering chocolate until my bag of kisses was almost empty. I saved 6 kisses for the pilots and crew.

Chocolate changed the mood of the room. People were smiling, sharing stories, and sharing thanks. At 10:15 we finally boarded and were on our way. Happy and content 240 passengers, 6 crew members, and an empty bag of Hershey’s Kisses landed safely in Denver. What a difference a little kiss can make.



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