Dear Shirley

Dear Shirley,

I know that our time together this Christmas was short and you have so many questions that remain unanswered. My experience here in India is so vast that there are hardly enough minutes in a day to relay them all. So, in an effort to entertain your curiosity I’ve devised a list of possible topics for me to write about. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to continue to ask me your questions. See, it’s quite easy to forget to write about the little things because I’ve become so accustomed to them, an am quickly becoming desensitized. Thank you for being my most avid reader and for inspiring me to write.

I hope you are healing well. I think of you every time I write.

Give my best to Chuck and the kids.

-My neighborhood
-My kids
-Shopping (what you can and can’t get)
-Indian standards -vs- Western standards
-Isolation among millions
-Desensitization to poverty
-Goods carriers
-Water delivery
-Cell phones
-Yoga mats
-Doctor visits
-Julie Taymore

One thought on “Dear Shirley

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks so much for the sweet note. It was great to see you even for that short time. You look marvelous…
    I hope that your flight was smooth and you have adjusted to your adopted country again. It must be quite a culture shock. It sounds like you have lots of support in getting the things you need on a daily basis. I’m sure that it would be mind boggling if you had to negotiate all the shops, food and prices yourself. That would be quite an adventure.
    Have you been given some “dos” and “don’ts” when you go out on your own? I know that many different cultures have some unspoken rules of etiquette and behavior that can really separate the traveler from the tourist. This kind of info is generally not in the books (unless you read Rick Steves).
    Do you feel that the rest of the community (outside of your school) is accepting of your presence in India? More info on your neighborhood would be really interesting too.

    Again, thanks for all your posts. I’ll write more later. Hand movement can be a real challenge sometime.


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