Doctor’s Orders

As I sit snuggled up on my imported American couch, watching imported American television on my imported American computer, eating imported American Raisin Bran, I am taken back to Dr. L’s question of me the other evening. He was paying me a visit, my second in two weeks, and asked, “Despite being sick, how do you find Mumbai?”

“Oh I love Mumbai!” I responded quickly.

“What do you love about it?” he asked.

“I love my school, and my friends, and my apartment…”

“Hmmmm,” he muttered, “that’s not Mumbai. Why don’t you go out and enjoy the city?”

I frowned. I didn’t have a good answer.

“You should smile, and get out, and enjoy all that Mumbai has to offer. It will be good for you!”

“You’re right. I will.” I told him.

So, because the doctor ordered it, I went out this afternoon and enjoyed my neighborhood. Thanks for the advice Dr. L!

One thought on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. A wise doctor…. I enjoyed the photos you caught… sights I’ve seen many times, but never thought to capture on film and never with that combo, which is a nice snapshot of our neighborhood! thanks for sharing your view, skill and your smile! (-;

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