Goan Holiday

Last weekend, a few friends and I decided to spend our Thanksgiving holiday in the beautiful Southern Indian state of Goa. Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, dazzling coastline, and hospitable people. It is also known for hippies.


Bobbi Jo, Angelo, and I rented sweet little bungalos a few kilometers from the beach. They were charming, complete with mosquito nets and a lagoon-style pool. I was anxious to get started with my relaxation! We decided to meet our friends Nancy & Zach and Pauline & Will at a delightful little seafood restaurant by the sea. There was an abundance of choice! We settled into our beach chairs and ordered some drinks. Well, Pauline and Nancy ordered drinks. I stuck to water. I hadn’t eaten all day and was sure that drinking on an empty stomach was not a good idea. It was then that I started to panic. (I feel a side note is important here: If you know me at all, you know that I have issues with panicking when I don’t feel 100%, so it should come as no surprise that when I was feeling nauseated, I panicked). Anyway, not but a moment later I was face down in the sand and surf purging the contents of my belly into the ocean. In my pretty white dress. The water felt good actually. Bobbi Jo decided it was time for us to head back to the hotel for the night. I agreed. The only glitch is that we didn’t remember where we parked the scooter and it was pitch black. BJ doesn’t see well at night, and I was all a twitter about throwing up for the third time in my entire life. This was going to be interesting.

Will, thank heaven, has a great sense of direction in the dark and was able to navigate us back to our scooter. Without a hitch I got us back home safely, took off the soaking wet dress and promptly hunkered down on the tile floor. This was the start to what would can only be called a charming 24 hours in my bungalo on the bathroom floor. Welcome to Goa. This was my view for 24 hours.

Thankfully, the doctor prescribed enough medicines to cure a small horse and I was up an about the

next day. We rode our scooters to a nearby beach where I proceeded to nap, swim, nap some more and swim again. By 1:00 we were ready for lunch. Pauline suggested we eat at a lovely French restaurant meters away from us. Off we went. I ordered the kids spaghetti. Plain. Didn’t want to take any chances.




An hour into our meal, I began to feel faint again so I left my comrades and head to the beach for another nap. I arrived at our original nesting spot to find Robert, a charming English writer, lounging on the chairs. Will and I asked if we could join him. We did. I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, napping, talking to Robert, swimming, napping, and talking to Robert. I invited the Englishman to join us at the night market in Baga. He agreed.

We rode back to Anjuna through quaint little Goan villages, showered, and were off again to the night market. I had the time of my life! By the way, If you haven’t had a chance to travel with Angelo, I strongly suggest it. He is without a doubt, the best travel partner a person could have. Thank you Angelo for bringing smiles to my face and warmth to my heart! Bless you friend.

This video doesn’t exist

  • Angelo and the most amazing Indian, Brian Adams, The Doors, Bob Marley, Bollywood cover band ever.
  • Angelo and his “bag lady.” It was his first purse purchase. And one we will not soon forget.Angelo and the Band.

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