Sugar Crash

Indians are crazy about their sweets, which can be quite unsettling if you are wishing to watch your waistline reduce.

The following is a list of things in India with massive amounts cream and sugar in them: (In short, everything. But I am never brief, so…)

-Coffee (cold & hot). Seriously, you have to ask for your coffee without cream and sugar. They put sugar in it, then serve it to you with a bowl of additional sugar. Just in case.

-Chai. (refer to coffee comment, but double the amount of sugar and cream)

-Iced tea. Only available in peach/lychee/pear/pomegranate/mint flavor where the actual fruit is pounded into a pulp added to a few cups of sugar and put into a glass of water.

-Rice. Yep, rice.

-Curry. Oh, delightful, creamy, delectable tomato/cashew/pea/masala gravy.

-Bread. There is no such thing as savory bread in India. It’s either sweet or they serve bland bread with honey/jam/preserves/bowl of sugar.

-Fruit. I know, I know, fruit has natural sugar. But still, the Indian’s serve it here so it counts.

-Aloo. What potato would be complete without a healthy dose of cream and sugar?

-Chutney. Plum, mint, tomato, you name it, it has sugar.

-Coconut anything.

-Mango anything.

-Lassi. A sweet, creamy milk-shake drink that you get to counter act the fire in your mouth after you’ve just eaten spicy food. Comes in regular/coconut/mango/strawberry/pineapple/taro root, etc.

-Seviya Kheer. It’s like a super condensed cream-of-wheat that is flavored like pineapple/mango/raisin/etc.

-Anything at Nature’s Basket, India’s premier “natural foods store,” which is basically imported cheese and desserts from around the world. Oh, and they have a small vegetable section in the front, right next to the cookie section. I’m not kidding.

-Oatmeal. You don’t even have the option to not have it with sugar, that’s how they make it.

-Yogurt. There is no such thing as “plain yogurt” in India. It’s fruit flavored or curd.

-Curd. Same thing as yogurt, except it doesn’t have fruit…just sugar.

-Chocolates. I know, duh. But there is no lack for chocolate cake/tort/muffins/mousse/candy here in India. It’s everywhere.

The list goes on and on, but my tea is getting cold and the pineapple cake my housekeeper made for breakfast is getting soggy, so I have to go.

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