And One More Makes 3

When you visit a tattoo/piercing shop in India:
1) Doors to new accessorizing possibilities open.
2) Little Indian men covered with tattoos can convince you 
to take up an Ayurvedic herbal supplement routine to decrease anxiety 
and balance your doshas (faults).
3) Home accents ranging from miniature bicycles to Tibetan prayer flags
to lithographs of Bob Marley are available for purchase.
4) You learn, very quickly, what separates an artist from a con-artist. 
And you are thankful for your friends that the former is the one they've 
chosen for the job.
5) No matter how old you get, you still need a friend to tell you 
your new accessory looks good. And that you can always take it out 
if you don't like it.

6) Your eyes will tear, not from the piercing, but from the pungent smell 
of onionsseeping through the wall from the deli next door.

2 thoughts on “And One More Makes 3

  1. So are you telling us you got a piercing? And if this is the case, where are the pictures? A nose ring perhaps? Then you would have two hole (your ears) and the third would be the nose? Am I missing something obvious?

    You are amazing!

    Love you!

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