‘Dahi Handi’

Human pyramid day in India…wherein groups of young men and women arrange themselves into pyramids to read a pot of yogurt curd, breaking it to spill the contents onto onlookers. Participants battle to build the tallest pyramid, winning money, flowers, trophies, sweets, and the honor of being showered with dairy products. It’s really quite exciting…stay tuned for video.

8 thoughts on “‘Dahi Handi’

  1. Hi Andrea, sounds like you’re having a great experience. Noel gave me your blog address so I wanted to give you a shout out!!

  2. Hey Mrs.J,
    My dad told me about your blog. It is pretty cool to see the things you experience in India! I hope your having fun. I just wanted to tell you that i got 100% on my writing CSAP. I think that one of the reasons i got 100% was because of you. thanks. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Jodi,
      Thank you for the kind words and congratulations! You worked really hard last year and are one of the best writers I know. Keep up the good work in 6th grade! I can’t wait to see what you can do in middle school.
      Ms. J

  3. Yes. We have something very much like Dahi Handi right here in Greeley, Colorado. University students gather en masse at a local confectionary, forming themselves into geometric shapes such as rhombi and parallelograms, all while stuffing their pockets full of frozen yogurt. When the pockets are bulging, other students cover them with such things as cashews, Chinese gum balls, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, crumbled forms of peanut butter cups, chik-o-stiks, twix, and such. Then, the geometical group eats all of that stuff until they simultaneously regurgitate it all on the spectators. Prizes includes free yogurt, icy cold Mylanta tablets, diapers (adult size), and passes to alligator wrestling at the rodeo. It’s called “Fro-Yo Fantasy.”

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