I went to the hardware shop this afternoon in search of a cord that could plug into the wall and lead to a light bulb socket in order to properly hang a  paper lantern. I approached the busy counter, gestured wildly to make clear my needs, and smiled until my teeth hurt. Promptly, the little man behind the counter disappeared and quickly emerged holding a socket, a plug, and several feet of wire. He proceeded to put the mismatched items on the counter in front of me, smiled a toothless smile, and charmingly wagged his head. I took the gesture to mean that all the necessary materials for making the item I desired were, in fact, ready for me to assemble.  I paid the man and trekked home. Tomorrow, I learn how to wire a lamp.

3 thoughts on “Lighting

  1. Which one is the toothless man? Did everything actually work once you got it back home? Do you now have a hanging paper lantern (that actually turns on)? Enquiring minds want to know . . . 🙂

  2. Learning about wire, plugs, sockets, and electricity is good. Learning how to turn OFF the power before you stick anything metal into anything resembling a socket is better. Hiring Pasharahatra to do it for you is best. I could do it, but my schedule is pretty full right now.

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